Barako Coffee Beans

There are three major species of coffee beans.
The “Arabica”, which makes up the majority of commonly drunk coffee,
The “Robusta (Canephora)” used for instant coffee and canned coffee,
And it is a rare “Liberica” whose distribution volume is less than 1% of the total.

Barako is a Coffea liberica coffee bean from the Philippines.

Barako means burly, sturdy, masculine or strong.

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Barako Coffee

Filipino Barako coffee, as it means burly or strong, does not have acidity and sweetness, but has a strong bitterness and aroma, and is characterized by its richness and refreshing aftertaste.

In its home country, the Philippines, it is drunk in a style where freshly brewed coffee is sweetened with brown sugar or honey.

This rare Barako coffee is rarely distributed in Japan.
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Adobo is a word that originally means marinade, but in the Philippines it is also the name of stewed meat and vegetables, and it is one of the typical home-cooked dishes in the Philippines.

It is a dish made by marinating either chicken (e.g. chicken wings) or pork (e.g. pork leg), or both meat in vinegar to soften it, then stewing it in soy sauce or fish sauce with vegetables such as onions and garlic to improve preservation it, and it is usually served on the same plate with rice, like Japanese curry rice.

Although it is an ethnic dish, it is easy for Japanese people to eat, and it is a dish that goes well with rice.

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