Registered Support Organization

Registered Support Organization” is an institution that received an  entrustment from “Organization of affiliation of the Specified Skilled Worker” (“Accepting Organization”) which is a company that employs “Specified Skilled Worker“, and provides support based on the support plan for “Specified Skilled Worker(i)” created by its company. And, this must be registered with the Immigration Services Agency of Japan.

“Specified Skilled Worker” is a new status of residence which established in April, 2019, after the “Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Act” (“Immigration Act”) was revised in Japan, and allows work in so-called simple labor under certain standards in a specified industrial field.

Currently, in Japan, where immigration policies are not adopted, simple labor by foreigners is prohibited in principle. However, since 1997, the working-age population (Populations between 15 and 65 years old) has been decreasing and there is a serious labor shortage in many industries.


In order to respond to this problem, the residence status called “Specified Skilled Worker(i)” and “Specified Skilled Worker(ii)” was newly established in April 2019. “Specified Skilled Worker(i)” can be engaged in work in 14 industries : Care worker, Building cleaning management, Machine parts & tooling industries, Industrial Machinery industries, Electric, electronics and information industries, Construction industry, Shipbuilding & ship machinery industry, Automobile repair & maintenance, Aviation industry, Accommodation industry, Agriculture, Fishery & aquaculture, Manufacture of food and beverages, and Food service industry, which recognized as “Skills that require considerable knowledge or experience”.
“Specified Skilled Worker(ii)” can be used for family stays and extension of period of stay in two industries : Construction industry, Shipbuilding & ship machinery industry.

And, the Registered Support Organization will implement support for Specified Skilled Worker(i) by a consignment contract with “Organization of affiliation of the specified skilled worker” (“Accepting Organization”) and based on the support plan which made by it.


Our company is registered as the Registered Support Organization (Registered number: 19登-002659) by Immigration Service Agency of Japan, and provides support services for “Organization of affiliation of the specified skilled worker” (“Accepting Organization”) and “Specified Skilled Worker(i).

* From “Efforts for Acceptance of Foreign Nationals and Harmonious Coexistence” of Immigration Service Agency of Japan.

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MICS Corporation

Specified Skilled Worker  Registered Support Organization  Registered number : 19登-002659
Support language : English and Tagalog
Support area : 23 wards of Tokyo, Kita-tama, Minami-tama, Kawasaki City and Yokohama City of Kanagawa Prefecture
(In some cases, it is possible to accept other than this.)

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